Shirt Derby: Friday, September 14, 2007



Just want to let everyone know that a new version of my ‘real-tee’ template is available in the original thread:

It includes an updated ‘heather-grey’ template, which accurately represents heather grey, as opposed to a solid grey:

I would advise anyone using it to upgrade to the new version, as we don’t want to misrepresent out designs on solid grey when the customer will be buying heather grey. Enjoy :slight_smile:



nice… lol … Should be fun


You rock my (unfortunately) mismatched socks.


Dibs on indonesians.


I can already see the top two kinds of entries:

Monkeys are the New Pirates.
Zombies are the New Pirates.


Dips on monkeys… haha j/k


picking an archetype will be the easy part. Creating a legitimate design, however, will be quite another story. I predict many sunday/monday submissions on this one.


somebody always has to take the islanders first… bush league

ha… this is gonna be an interesting derby, the the sarcasm and wit begin


Also, requesting that guy who did “Light of Protest” to resubmit that design for this derby, please.


…please, no, not more monkeys


What do you mean no more? No monkey designs have won yet :wink:

I suspected this week’s would be pirate-related. I already have a fairly good idea… hmmm…

Derekfans, get your voting fingers ready! I’m trying to place in every top-ten nonwinning slot! (Already have 7th, 4th, and now 5th)


Serf on fire is the new pirate…


Would you prefer 6th. 8th, 9th or 10th?

I might just join this derby… If I find the time/talent.


Wow, this derby should be a fun one. Good luck everybody! I’m really looking forward to the designs that are going to come out of this theme. :smiley:


touche, i’m just referring to the 95 half-a$$'d monkey (yours and some others excluded) designs we’re gonna see in the next week.God help us

I’m a fan of your drawing style and lack of text… i’m lookin forward to seeing what you can pull together. now if only I could use my engineering background to draw up a design in CAD… nah, ha ha

wait… engineers are the new pirate? (scratch that)


If you can make engineers cool, i’ll doff my cap to you sir.

My monkey design was a one-time thing to see if it would get me a lot of votes (it did). I dont plan on using them anymore without good cause (also, my wife has forbade me from doing any more simian entries).


I’m banking on a zombie pirate. But what do I know? ; )




I’d like to see a pensketch shirt finally printed this time 'round.

Also, I propose the following submission naming standard for this derby theme (voluntary, of course)

[your topic], the new “pirates”

what say you shirt.woot(!)ians?