Shirt Derby: Friday, September 21, 2007





is this a derby winner inspired derby?

has great potential… but no ninjas hiding in leaf & lawn bags though, please


“Give us a t-shirt that celebrates the seasonal change, or consoles those who are bummed out by the impending arrival of fall.”

Hmm… this is a very anti-Arizona theme. We don’t have fall here and frankly, I dont know why anyone would be “bummed out” by cooler weather.

Speaking of which, it was less than 100 degrees Monday Tuesday and yesterday!


[ blogentry=2925 ][ / blogentry ]

typing that without the spaces calls up the entry!

let’s try this one …



Interesting theme. I’ve got an idea, but I don’t think I have the drawing chops to do it.

-goes to sketch-




hmm, i have a few clever ideas, but I’m afraid this theme is going to inspire a lot of artistic entries, leaving me in the dust…


This would be a nice entry where more than 6 colors were possible, y’know? Summer and Fall colors are very different in my mind.

I hope every entry doesn’t have leaves that look like this. I get sick of seeing default photoshop leaves over and over and over…


you know every single leaf and grass brush in photoshop is gonna make an appearance this week :slight_smile:


Does photoshop have a pumpkin brush? I’m taking odds that zombie ninja pope pumpkins will overwhelm us . . .


Looks like I won’t be a buying a new shirt next weekend.


Because you hate the fall? Pumpkins ate your cat? A gust of wind once brought a torrent of falling leaves that gave you a thousand papercuts? Your leafman ran away? You don’t like the way long sleeve shirts look on you?



and the award for best rant against someone with an unjustified affliction for fall themed tshirts goes to…


A third of my life (so far) I had ingrained in me that summer is awsome, and fall sucks, because that is when I have to go to school.


Yeah, that’s definitely a hard feeling to shake.


School’s been in session here for almost two months already… We tend to think more along the lines of: “summer sucks because it’s hot and school start’s halfway through”

Edit in fact, if we had a fall (we go straingt from summer to winter), it would be great because most schools here get a week break in mid-October.


Seriously…what is fall?


I know, it’s in the high 90s/100s and then, one day in mid-october, you walk outside and it’s cold. Back in you go to get a sweatshirt.

No fall, just winter.


No way man, fall rocks, second only to winter.

I know I’m in the minority, but I can’t wait for cooler weather. Put away the shorts, break out the jeans, hoodies, long sleeves. I can walk to work without needing a shower. My birthday, halloween, thanksgiving. Football (J-E-T-S!). Baseball postseason (go yanks!). Buying new gear for the upcoming snowboarding season. Hanging outside all day, having bbqs without dying of heat stroke.

Fall is awesome.