Shirt Derby: Friday, September 7, 2007


OH SNAP this is an awesome theme


Sounds like it’ll be fun.





i am listening to some music to get inspiration! :wink:


Har har har.



I already predict 1001 Ipod commercial rip offs. Let’s see them come in!


That’s a pretty sound prediction.

OK that’s it from me. Apologies all 'round.


ha! i was gonna say that we should predict what concept gets overused the most, in an effort to stem the tide, but it looks like you already hit the nail on the head :slight_smile:


Crap, I keep trying to think of ideas and all I can picture is that shirt woot(!) had a couple of weeks ago with the giant boom box monster terrorizing new york.

Get out of my head stereozilla!


yes! i got one :slight_smile: (an idea, that is)

good luck boys and girls.


So on the topic of sound… and Zombies…

I came across a band the other day who sings a lot of songs about zombie movies. The weird thing is, they’re a Christian band.

I like their sound in any case.



Could I get some feedback on a shirt reading:
“Go Zune
Beat iPod”

:slight_smile: Good luck, Have fun!


I dunno, there’s a lot of diehard i-pod fans out there. I think you’d limit your vote.

I support the sentiment though!


I was just fooling…trying to borrow votes from the uncanny popularity of “Go Rock”.


Yeah, I feel stupid now…

What about “Panda Piano”? Or “Zombie hunting with a harmonica”?


LOL. Panda Piano. Duneboo run with that, just not on a creme shirt eh?


this one should be cools!


works on twenty-three different ipod commercial rip-offs for submission tomorrow


finishes work on first twenty-three ipod commercial rip-offs and begins work on the next 978 ipod commercial rip-offs for submission tomorrow