Shirt Design Gurus: Commercial Tshirt Printing Questions

Hi all, I’m looking to go to press for my first run of designs soon and I have some questions.

First, what are the capabilities of tshirt printers as far as detail? Is 1 pt the minimum needed for ink? What about sharp edges, etc?

Second, what is a realistic “wholesale” selling price per shirt? My designs are locally themed and I am selling them to tourist gift shops in my area, most of them sell shirts retail 18-25 dollars. What’s a realistic price to sell to them? 5-10 dollars?

Which brings the last question I have, what’s it going to cost to have my shirts printed? Per shirt cost? At this point, I imagine a small run, 50 shirts, 4 color process. I know a forum posting isn’t an RFE, but I can’t imagine the rates vary too wildly and I’m sure some people here have a good idea.


i’d suggest reposting this question in “world of woot shirts” if you haven’t already done so. the shirt design veterans mostly don’t read much of “everything but woot.”

Will do, thanks.