Shirt not coming up in search

For some reason, this shirt doesn’t come up by keyword or artist search, but it’s in the catalog and I can google search for it. Can someone take a look to see what’s up?

Probably caused by an errant keystroke on a computer on the other side of the world.

The butterstroke effect…

I’m looking into this now.

Looks like it is good to go now. Some sort of glitch in the matrix.

While we’re at it with catalog searches, there’s still a couple designs under ‘eggplant’ (instead of purple) …

… not to mention there’s no color selection at all for purple.

Mon Petit Chou is also out of print.

Looks good, thanks!
Was this a true one-off or might others be impacted?

Hey Narf! We’re working on getting the eggplant/purple catalog search issue handled.

Thanks for bringing Mon Petit Chou to our attention! It’s now available again.