Shirt of Stealth

Used my cloaking device to sneak in and get first sucker!

Congrats fishbiscuit on the print!

Congrats, fishy fishy shrimpy shrimpy taco Ensenada (aka fishbiscuit5)!

One the one hand, cloaking devices are cool. On the other hand, the glowing letters mean you are not very stealthy.

Crestwood Mall is a ghost town. I literally believe the only business operating there now is a post office.

A cloaking device that only works in the dark reminds me of Invisible Boy from Mystery Men.

About the writeup, I’m sure that mall guard is no longer employed there. Crestwood Mall sure has fallen from its former glory. :frowning:

That had better be the Defiant, or it would be a blatant violation of the Treaty of Algeron.

Congrats fishie!

Word of warning though: my hubby had a shirt like this (shirt of invisibility) and when we went places people actually ignored him to make the shirt true! LOL.

Be prepared for smartiepants with this one folks!

Glow-in-the-dark Derby goes 3/3 in the Double-Take Derby!

That’s not very stealthy; that’s demolishing the competition!

Great design. Thanks for keeping The Next Generation topical.

Hope they stocked plenty of these in 2XL and up…

I take it wooter buyers like the gitd ink. I hope the powers that be at Woot grant the shirt designers more chances to play with this ink in the future. :slight_smile:

Psst, 1988 nerd boy, being invisible doesn’t do much good if you’re noisy.

Is it possible that this shirt can turn one back into a virgin?

This is DEFINITELY a great shirt, but I predict the life expectancy of an average Red Shirt if anyone caught you wearing it. :wink:

Nice work, FB! ^^

Engage bright lettered sneakyness!

Since with glow in the dark ink, the wordplay is still on the outside of the shirt, I can’t say shirtwooters seem fond of inside jokes and be entirely accurate. Darkside jokes?

Alternate: Night(shirt)side Jokes?

Double Take Derby - AKA Glow In The Dark Derby #2. >.>; I demand a recount sans GITD entries. Feh! :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember the good ol’ days. When Woot! had shirts worth buying. :frowning:

People who would wear this shirt never lost their virginity.

Aw, yeah! I’m so excited this one printed. Thanks, everyone! I’m off to find my STTNG communicator badge so I can pin it to my shirt when it arrives. I can’t wait to wear it!