Shirt printing questions from a noob. CMYK+2 spot colors?

Im new to the whole printing process for shirts. I know that I can add spot colors on other print material I’ve made. Shirt design is new for me. Can I do cmyk plus two spot colors for shirt designs. I am trying to explore my design options. Thanks ahead of time for your assistance!

Since almost all shirts are DTG printed nowadays, there is no 6 color limitation here anymore.

(Can’t do translucent, metallic, or phosphorus colors, of course.)

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So say I have a multi color design that uses cmyk and I want to add two very bright spot colors. That’s doable?

I’m not staff or an artist, so I can’t say with 100% certainty, but what you’re saying is all within the guidelines.

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Hello Sweetravin,

Most of our printing is DTG. DTG printers use a digital CMYK printing process. You do not need to call out any spot colors like you would for screen printing. You can use as many colors as you would like. We would recommend that you use colors that are within the RGB color gamut. This will ensure the printer will be able to print the same colors as designed. If the colors are out of the color gamut, the printer will print the closest that it can, which is not always close to the desired color, often making the colors dull and washed out compared to what the color looks like on screen.

Also, as Narfcake said already, check out our guidelines.


Thanks so much cbrumfie!