Shirt Question About Silkscreened Versus Iron On?

Hello, your Illustrious Wootness!

I’m a long time customer… since before existed. I have noticed a recent trend with my shirt purchases & wanted to check in with the powers that be, to see what’s going on.

Did Woot swap from silkscreen to iron on transfers for some of the older t-shirts on

I ask because after a single washing (inside out), many of the shirts I have bought since February have the appearance of an iron on transfer that was applied when the plate was too hot, where it doesn’t fully adhere, so it has little holes throughout the image, and peels off in small sections if you wipe your hand on the image like you were wiping away some crumbs. I’ve bought 21 shirts since February and at least 5 have this issue. I have woot shirts from 2008 that are in better condition, so I wanted to check with you. I’m not trying to get a refund or get them replaced after the “warranty period”. I’m just curious if this change happened, so I know how to handle my future purchases.

If this has occurred, is there a way to only order shirts that are still silkscreened?

Thank you & have a great day!

Hi there. A few years back we switched to digital printing where the design is printed directly on the shirt kinda like an ink jet printer.

It’s sounds like the fixation (or whatever it’s called that makes the ink stick) didn’t work on yours. Contact Woot CS and send links to photos of each shirt and they’ll help you out.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Alas, since mid 2015, they’ve essentially moved all shirt production to DTG (direct to garment). It’s not iron-on, but more like an industrial inkjet printer.

I had the same problem with the “It’s a Trap” shirt. The printing came off almost immediately. Sent a picture to CS who gave me a $6.00 coupon but I think they should have replaced the shirt…

That’s a tough one since it was a year old shirt (at least from what I’m seeing).

Yeah, I was keeping it for my trip to Disney World and the new Star Wars Section. I wore it once while at the park. Got a lot of compliments.

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