Shirt Sale No. 42


I wish they had the Property Of hoodie in 3X. I love my tee-shirt, wear it all the time.

I also saw someone else wearing the shirt in Disney World. I wasn’t wearing mine at the time, but it felt like we belonged to a secret club.

I wonder if it’ll be my friend?

Too bad I already own most of these - I’m not a big fan of the book club design. It seems like there have been several other Hitchhiker designs that are missing from the sale…

The one thing that would make that cute “Existential Whale” shirt better would be if on the back it had a bowl of petunias saying “Oh no, not again.”

“Why am i here?” That is one whale of a question :smiley:

Damn I wish I didn’t miss the Forty-Two U. Jersey Zip Hoodie!! Is there any chance they might get/make more???!!

Fingers crossed!

Never know. Keep an eye on our side sales, that’s where they’re most likely to show back up again.

what book is this referring to?

Uhhh… HHGTTG (Is it O.K. to state that :slight_smile:

If you search for that and the ‘number’ you will find way too much information - and too many “Spoilers”…

If you subsequently discover both the answer and the question and therefore destroy the universe…You did not hear it from me!

What does one think of while watching a baseball game and clicking through woot offers? Hmm, maybe he WAS the answer.