Shirt.Sightings: Woot Tees In The Wild

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Great photos! It always gives me a thrill to see some one wearing a woot shirt.

I have a picture of a friend who I gave a shirt to, but I don’t have his permission to post it…needless to say I was excited to see him wearing it.

Awww… I emailed you guys about the Southland sighting and didn’t even get a nod in the post. :frowning:

Either way - I do love me that shirt.

I heart broccoli shirt, and have seen it in the wild.

Um, you have a sighting right in the Flickr page:

Here’s 2 woot shirts sharing space with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

p.s. Help Eric!

haha I love it you guys. My friends and I always see people wearing woot shirts and throw sly quotes from the site in conversation.
Boss shirt Boss

Yeah, screw you guys. I love my broccoli shirt.

I ALWAYS get great comments when I wear shirt.woot shirts. Today I had on Playing God and got several comments in just the local grocery store.

The funniest was at a BD’s Mongolian BBQ…my husband had on UpgraDEAD and one of the guys that cook on the big circle looked at him and goes “Dude, you wore that shirt again! Hey dudes, check out his shirt!!” and we had never been in that restaurant before…

Obviously there are two blond late 20’s guys floating around the area with that shirt, and it’s a hit at BD’s.

Awesome. If I ever see TR wearing one of my woot shirts I’ll probably pass out. That and many NIN fans will be very disappointed.

mmmm… copyright infringement … .my favorite flavor.

Another broccoli shirt fan here too. My 1 year old learned how to say broccoli because of the shirt. Every time I wear it she points at it and says “brockly.” Do I get to thank woot for it being her favorite vegetable?

Additionally, in my small midwest university town, I randomly met a fellow female shirt.woot fan wearing a shirt.woot. What are the chances? If only I had taken her picture.

At the FIRST Robotics World Festival in Atlanta this past April I saw a boatload of woot shirts. The highlight? When I met a guy wearing my very own Old School design. He was gracious enough to pose with me for this grainy cell phone pic:

My boss wore that to work yesterday. :slight_smile:

Here at UF, there’s … Well, a friend I gave a woot shirt to, a friend who also shirt woots, his girlfriend when she’s visiting from FSU (Boooo.), a friend of a friend that I occasionally eat lunch with (She was even wearing the Stonehenge shirt the day I met her), a random worker at the library, and then like half a dozen people in my CS classes.

Nice, healthy woot shirt populace here.
In fact:

Friend’s girlfriend, wearing … my Nevermore, actually.
Friend wearing Say No To Scurvy
Me, wearing And So We Meet…

The core group of us 4 once managed to, by coincidence, all wear woot shirts the same day. It was pretty amusing.

Last night I saw a guy on the subway wearing this:

I kept staring at it, he thought I was checking him out so he smiled and waved at me. Slightly awkward. At least he didn’t come over to say hi. Nice shirt tho.

Not to put myself up on a pedestal, but…every show that me and my friend do…I wear a different shirt.woot…check out The Weekly MANcast

I was at Disney World for four days, and the only woot shirt I saw was the army men jumping out of the pocket, in a store near the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.

Where are the woot shirts?!? :slight_smile: