Shirt Size Question


Most of my shirt sizes are M; they fit me perfectly. However, i looked at the shirt size and it turns out that my shirts didn’t match the men M’s proportions; in fact it’s a little bit smaller on the front length by about 5 inches. On the other hand, K12 is the size that most closely matches my shirt size. So should i be right in assuming that K12 is my size and not the men’s M?


Given that, in your opinion, "Most of my shirt sizes are M; they fit me perfectly. " I’d say that mens M is your size.


Well I bought some M sized shirts at Aeropostale (it didn’t indicate whether men or anything, just M/M) and they’re about 24-25 inches on the front length. However that’s about 4-5 inches shorter than the sizing for the men’s M shirts. So should i be buying the shirt according to the sizing measurements and not the sizing letter jazz?


With Woots new shirts sizes, go by the inches listed. According to their new measurements, I am a Women’s medium when previously I was a women’s XL and at most stores I’m a women’s large. I know you are asking about men’s shirts, but considering the huge difference in sizing of Woot shirts, I would follow the sizing they have listed and not assume what sizes are “normal.”