shirt sizes

Hi guys,
I love the shirts but am a larger than average guy and would need a 4xl. Its very rare that any shirts or other clothing sales are offered in larger sizes so I regretfully miss out on these deals. Would it be possible to add a big and tall section to help us big guys get wooted too?




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Maybe mention @Lady5tark in here, too.

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Yes, but I wanted to make demands. Since TT is on vacation I didn’t want DaveJ to think he was going to have an easy week.

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True. We have to make sure he knows how valuable TT is so he’ll finally give her that other shoe. And a big raise.

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Along with a deluxe meat and cheese tray delivered to her house once a week.


And treats for Zoe.

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And a new video game for ThunderSon.

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All that and bigger shirt sizes can happen if only @davejlives would do something about it.

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In @davejlives’s defense, TT already has fancy shoes.


Why am I defending DJL?

Better see a doctor. Maybe it’s because your tshirt is too tight?

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What kind?

Start with your GP and see what they recommend.

My WHAT?!?

Grand Penguin?
Garden Patrol?

General practitioner.

Hey, if you want to deal with magic, enjoy.

I would like to, actually.

Deal with magic, or enjoy doing so?