shirt.what? artist archives and derby leaderboard

169 derbies, 6175 artists, 36,977 entries.

Since the only decent archive of derby entries by artist was shutting down, I decided to go ahead and add an artist archive to shirt.what?.

As always with shirt.what?, I tried to make the site present as much relevant information as possible in a simple interface. There is an alphabetized list of all entrants sized by number of derby entries. There is a search form providing easy access to all artist pages available. Individual artist pages provide a nice look at all previous derby entries sorted in reverse order (most recent first), as well as provide some overall statistics for their previous derby entries. Check it out and let me know what you think.

In order to properly setup the site, a database containing all previous (and current) derby entries had to be created. This has allowed for virtually unlimited flexibility in the data available to be presented. Individual derbies, date ranges, derby vote totals, votes relative to derby averages, etc, may be generated from the data with some relatively simple sql and php. So, I guess this means I need ideas for what you guys would like to see added based on artist or other info. If I ignore your suggestion, please know that it is entirely personal and it has nothing to do with workload or other life reasons. I will unlikely do work to help you prove your point, so positive uses for the data are much more likely to be considered.

Have fun!

how about removed entries? cwarringtons’s site had at least some of them; perhaps you could merge some of his data into your own db, and track them automagically going forward?

i suppose that mite violate artist copyrite, though?

There seems to me a major glitch: my name is very tiny despite very clearly being the awesomest.

(but srsly, looks great! We’ve needed a reference tool like this for a long time.)

This. Also, one thing I always wished the other site had is rejection reasons. If someone removed their rejected entry, you could never see why it was rejected.

I love what you did with the artist page & having names bigger depending on how often they submit. Very cool. Plus, I really like being able to see all of the shirts on one artist’s page. Very handy.

Wow! This is a fantastic tool! Thanks for putting this together.

Wow! That is great. It’s a wonderful resource.

Superwow! How fun. I love it. You’re a.wesome.

no more than compiling their entries any other way would, really. All entries are under woot’s hold from the second they’re entered, so it’s fair game.

Not that I am uber-confident that anyone really cares about this issue enough to make a difference.


Well done, and thank you.

Rejection reasons have been added, thanks for the suggestion. That was some very humorous data to watch roll in. I’ll have to come up with a neat way to present them by themselves one day. 3,204 unique rejection reasons for 5,236 rejections.

Removal of entries is a bigger issue, but trust me, it’s on my mind. Unfortunately, it takes quite a lot of work for not much information, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Do better.

I found one of my faves, weirpuckett in a heartbeat, and every entry he’s subbed.


I think this is my favorite so far: “Rejected because: No poop on shirts”

A couple of my favorites:

Rejected because: As fetching as I look in this picture, I think the anatomy did this in.

Rejected because: Uh, let’s try to keep pairs of things off of the chest area. Cool?

Very nice. Thanks.

This is really a great resource after only 1 day. Super.

I love this, bluchez! Thanks so much!

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks so much for putting this together.

Whoa! This is totally awesome! I was just thinking the other day how great it would be if this were added. And now it has been! I feel like someone from a Microsoft commercial: “Hello, my name is Steve, and shirt.what was my idea”

My favorite part about this is getting to look at how people’s art has changed over time. It’s really neat to see how some of my favorite artists have progressed, seeing what they learned, how they incorporated new ideas into their designs. I am so inspired j_j.

I could spend hours on this if left to my own devices… I would probably also just be in my underwear a lot if left to my own devices…