Shirt.Woot Design Tips and Shirtlinks Blogs

A collected list of the ongoing Shirt.Woot Design Tips and Shirtlinks blogs. If you have ideas for future Design Tips entries or an interesting link you’d like to share, please email me at

Design Tips
What Software Should You Use To Create Shirt Designs? (Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp)
Where’s The Big Idea? (Brainstorming, Ideas, Inspiration)
It’s the Principles of the Matter (Part I) (Movement, Emphasis, Harmony/Balance, Contrast)
It’s the Principles of the Matter (Part II) (Variety, Proportion, Pattern/Rhythm, Unity)
Laying It Down (Layouts, Composition)
We’ve Got PMS (Pantone Colors)

Shirt Links
Shirtlinks 4/26/2011 (Photoshop Disasters)
Shirtlinks 3/18/2011 (Interactive Shirts)
Shirtlinks 3/4/2011 (T-Shirt Folding Theory)
Shirtlinks 2/25/2011 (Disney, SAY Media 100, Dealing with Trolls, Shirt.What?, Best Losers)
Shirtlinks 2/18/2011 (Converting T-Shirts to wall art, Put This On, Best Losers, Emptees Closes)

For the record: these are very nice, I’ve been enjoying them.

Thanks, that’s great to hear! We’re hoping to have a nice collection of these as a resource for our new as well as veteran artists. I put this page up as an easy to point to list of what we’ve done so far. It’s nice to hear some positive feedback!

I could see a couple topics about more technical issues, like “Halftoning Made Easy”, or “Tablet vs. No Tablet - Line work in the digital age.”

Maybe even a basic “What makes a great design Great” type thing explaining how about having layouts that make sense graphically, how to successfully add a background. Design 101 type stuff, but specific for the shirt world.

OH Snap! Another cool idea could be to have different Artists write about their process, sharing their tips and Tricks… A spotlight type forum…

Yeah these are all things we’re looking to do. To start out we’re trying to focus on some basics of design in general as it applies to shirts, such as concept, color, composition, negative space/silhouette, typography, printing terms, etc. Then once he have that groundwork set we’d hope to move into more technical areas (i.e. halftones, Illustrator tricks, character design, etc).

I would give a portion of my body to see a Patrickspens walkthrough, especially regarding halftones. I loooooooove his halftones. :}

I too have been greatly enjoying the shirt info writeups. I still consider myself new to shirt designing and often times I fail at various aspects of it. I am ready to soak up the info from the pros! -slurrrp-

Thanks so much for these writeups!

Updated 3/10/2011

Hey guys. I just found this video tutorial for color separations in photoshop. It helped me understand since I’m new at this, and hopefully it can help some other people too.


This is a very helpful thread. Is there a way to subscribe to the comments so we are automatically notified when new comments are added?

Nope, sorry. You’ll just have to bookmark it and check back every so often, I think. Though new information and help and ideas and discussions and artslapfights are always popping up in threads new and old, all over the forums. You might just want to keep the WoWS forum bookmarked and check that. Or you could bookmark and periodically see what’s posted in the shirt.woot blog?
Basically: bookmark stuff. ALWAYS BE BOOKMARKING.

can we stop for potty breaks?

Was this meant to sound like Mamet or is it just a happy coincidence? :slight_smile:

Coffee is for bookmarkers. Put that coffee down!

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Does Jack Bauer ever stop for potty breaks?

Updated 3/18/2011

Updated 4/6/2011

Updated 6/14/2011

Thank you, this was a great refresher.

Haven’t seen anything on Texas yet, but just read an article that said that Texas had the most tigers per capita than any other state.