Shirt.Woot Detour! Shirts 20% Off!

I have enough graphic tees, I need cheap electronic goods, woot! Get on it!


And that’s lunch!

Lunch Time in Texas!!


I think we got short shirted.

I stand corrected.

wow that was a fast hour

Boy, they sure ate lunch fast!

DARN!!! I anted to take a nice, long shirt!

Lunch is over…

going… GOING… Already gone.

wow. I was about to let my laptop cool down for an hour… okay… guess not.

Wha happen?

go through the reckoning link to get the sale price

edit - nevermind, that’s down now too

WTF woot! I try to get a little work done and I miss out on the shirts!

Somebody’s going to walk the plank for this.

One shirt sold!

I have no idea which one, so I’m not going to subtract it from anyone’s total. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not a nice thing to do to someone who grew up in the 1960 era. Mucking about with reality is unkind. At least I have company in my hallucination about the detour.

I went to purchase one. What happened?