Shirt.Woot & Do512 Present: Winners of THE BIG ONE Design Contest!


200 Artists. Hundreds of Entries. THOUSANDS of votes. But only 6 Winners.

Shirt.Woot partnered with Austin-based to run a BIG design contest for Do512’s BIG SXSW party. Hundreds of local, Texas-based artists submitted designs, and thousands of SXSW and Do512 fans voted on their favorites. Shirt.Woot is featuring one of the top 6 designs every day this week, and will feature a special selection of Editor’s Choice entries in a sale that launches on 3/22. So check back all week to meet the winners!

Here’s who we’ve met so far:

1st Place - Zilla vs. Kong by Mila Sketch!
2nd Place- Drop In by Julia MacDonald!
1st Runner Up- BigbATX by Louie Valenciano!
2nd Runner Up- Endless Waves by Yenesism!
3rd Runner Up- Color Bee by Cismoarte!

Still to come:
*4th Runner Up: ???
The Editor’s Choice Sale!

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I am trying to reach out to bigbatx creator what was your inspiration

Howdy, @soundexcess! I’m not the artist so I can’t comment on his inspiration, but I can at least provide a little bit of context about the contest and what some elements in the design may be referring to. and SXSW are both based in Austin, Texas. Austin is frequently shortened to it’s nickname ATX, and is famous for the migrating colony of Mexican free-tailed bats that make their home under the Congress Ave bridge. My best guess is that since the theme of the design contest was “The BIG One,” this artist featured a giant bat-like creature with a “1” (aka- the big “one”) in its forehead, looming over the Texas Capitol building which looks over the Congress Ave bridge, and titled the design BIGBATX (Big + Bat + ATX). Not sure if that helps much, but I hope it helps clarify things a little. Thanks for participating in the forums!


Well said, you explained that very well. I live in south Texas, so it makes perfect sense to me.

I didn’t submit anything but it’s so weird how last minute there were thousands of votes for some of the designs? Seems rigged to me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯