Shirt.Woot Landing Page Broken?

Is the landing page for Shirt.Woot broken? When I go there the daily shirt for sale doesn’t show up. Just the BOGO banner and then the side deals.

Also, the daily shirt listed when I hover over the Shirt category is just one of the shirts from the “All the Shirts You Need” side sale. Is there no daily shirt for today?

Last, it looks like a bunch of forums topics were made for shirts related to Pi. Was there supposed to a be a side sale for these and the impending Pi Day?

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EVERYTHING IS BROKEN! @wajeremy peed on the servers before he left


Yeah the pi shirts are in today’s email.

Use this instead:
That’s how I got all those $1 shirts before the rest of you.


Ahhh classic Woot. You got us again. #wootoops

Pi Day Side Sale is up now.

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We had a booboo in the wee hours of the morning where the shirts were all priced at $1. This was posted on some deal site and there was a surge of purchases that pretty much took the site down. We had to end the sale and get it up with correct pricing.

Fun times.


I didn’t get the memo on those $1 shirts. I bet those jerks didn’t even have Prime.

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Are those orders being canceled? And really, a CTO should be able to prevent this.

@Williamdavi @ThunderThighs

If those orders are kept, AND they were done with the BOGO offer…

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I found it on SD and another site.

On SD, people bragged about how they got quite a few to resell. I am not really surprised by that. After all, if the person who claims to have bought 45 of each design really DID get 45 of each, AND the orders are not cancelled, that is some nice profit.

I think it was a limit 10 like most woot sales but I could be wrong.

I just looked at the SD thread which @Wooter369146522 hinted at.

Orders were cancelled, though coupons for $20 for shirt.woot orders were given.

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Wow. Some clever people running woot. Cancel orders but give 20 dollar coupons. Makes no sense.