Shirt.Woot Launch Tee





1st comment on!

and I got the shirt!! HOORAY!


RIBS! Down for 2.


First page pl0x?


first page and 4th comment…WOOOOTTTT


go woot …


YEA. Thanks woot! Can’t wait to see what is next here. I hope I get my Woot Launch shirt sooooon.


Put me down for 3!

Why do I need 3 shirts? I guess I was so ready for the BoC that I just started clicking without thinking.


in for all of them…


Alas, I missed it. Looks like ritual suicide again for me!




Suicide? Again? Interesting.


that sucked. was the link wrong on purpose? was it all a stupid rouse?


No woot shirt for me, but here I am anyways!

I got a better shirt last time anyways :slight_smile: WOOT MONKEY!!


In terms of having the site up and leading folks to it, that was pretty poorly done. Site not up. Default page not set. Comments not running.

Still, got my shirt, so ain’t really complaining.


got three… call me greedy


I missed out, and that makes me a sad panda. But at least I have the solace in knowing the shirt wouldn’t have fit anyway… AA shirts never do for me. Hope everyone else enjoys, though. :slight_smile:


I made it


Would have been nice if the link had worked the FIRST 30 TIMES I hit it!