Shirt.Woot: Movie Crate

Movie Crate

We’ve come a long way since li’l Charlie Chaplin trotted onto the screen. Sure, nowadays we’ve mostly got actors nobody’s ever heard of fighting a guy in a greensuit, and everything’s a remake and it’s all written by robots. But the thing you can’t deny about movies is that they are movies. Yay crate!



It would be really nice if you guys mentioned what was in each crate. Or are you trying to replace the good old BoC?

What IS it?

um, have these existed before, if so, what exactly is a movie crate? cause, it’s super tempting, but I detest buying something I’ve no idea what it is. … does it come with an actual wooden crate? is there a movie in it? or is it just a T-shirt that I’ve got to spend extra money to get?

Sooo, what’s in this box that I’m going to buy even though I’m always mildly disappointed?

Super mass excitement! Much anticipation. So happy.

What, no cr@p this time?

I have no idea what these are, but I brought it anyway.

Loved the Valentine’s Day crate, but no shirt budget. Can we start a pool on the motif: dinosaurs or robots or AI sleds named RoseBled in found footage nightmares.

i don’t understand

I’d be cautious buying this, all question mark things have been complete disappointments, and most of the time not worth even half the cost of the “deal”.

Thank you for posting this.

I’d be in if I could pick the movie, but why would I want crap from a movie that sucks?

what are those squares? bluerays?

Just guessing here, but:

Indie Budget Crate:
Shirt, coasters (x2), tall glass/cup.

Big Budge Crate:
Shirt, coasters (x2), tall glass/cup, tote bag, poster, note cards (x5), stickers/decals (x3), useless 3D glasses.

Anyone else have a different guess?

everyone loves a mystery

Useless unless there’s something to use them on… hmmm…

Now we can get rid of all that Ishtar and Gigli crap.

I’m guessing it might be the poster.