Shirt.Woot Posters

due the random posters consist of just those five or all posters you have had in the past.

I too would like to know this.

I as well would like to know!

UPDATE: According to Shirt.Woot Staff the “Random Poster” Set should be randomized posters from the ENTIRE history of Shirt.Woot posters (not just the ones in this PLUS offer)

I hope this information has been helpful :slight_smile:

ok thanks. ive gotten 3 in the past just wanted to know what my odds where of getting a repeat poster.

If you’ve gotten only 3, then your chances of duplicates are very slim.

I ordered 2 packs of the random posters almost a month ago and they haven’t come. I was going to email Woot about this but checking my account yesterday it said they should be coming Wednesday. Sure hope they’re worth the wait.

Anyone have any suggestions for hanging these posters? I have a poster that I won from Oakenspirit celebrating his print on shirt.woot that I need to hang, but have been procrastinating because I really have no clue what I want to do to get it hanging.

Thanks for sharing any advice or experience.

You can find 18x24 ready-made frames. Would probably be the easiest way to get it on your wall. Actually easiest would be to just apply glue to the tube straight from the mail and fling it at your wall till it sticks. But second easiest would be buying the frame thing… yeah. Why am I up this late?

Anyway. 18x24, maybe find one with pre-cut matting as the printable area is more like 17x23.

i have my robot muhammad ali poster in the bathroom and my infinity plus one in my hallway.

Lay it on the floor or table for a day with some books on it to keep it flat. Then get 4 thumb tacks and pin it to the wall using 1 tack in each corner. Yes, this will leave holes in the poster, but there is a white border all the way around. Plus these are shirt.woot posters we’re talking about; not the Mona Lisa.

Thanks for the hanging advice everyone.

Hey, my friends and I love shirt woot. Why don’t you offer all shirt designs in poster form? There are three or four I would definitely want to buy.

Man, that would be A TON OF POSTERS LOL :slight_smile:

Do the random…

Should just sell the posters all the time like they do the shirts.

I’ve had pretty good luck with 3M Command Poster Strips in the past. They don’t take the paint off the wall or rip your posters as long as you’re careful to follow the directions when you remove them.

I wasn’t aware of Poster Strips. Thanks.

Dew the random…