Shirt.Woot Posters

Please reprint (or print more of?) the Schrodinger poster - I found out about the event after it was sold out, sadly.

Man, don’t college kid these, get an inexpensive frame from target or ikea and look like you have some basic style. If not just tack up some poster of some chick in a bikini standing next to a porsche and buy some nicolas cage pillow cases.

Dew the due…


The specs indicate that the random-lot posters are smaller (16x20") compared to the others (18x24")

What’s up with that?

If it’s the lot of posters I’m thinking it is, they tried a new thing and there’s a matte finish on these.

Got most of my order for this round, one is still in transit, and I am done with posters from woot.

I’ve ordered posters a couple times now.
The first time, they came with bent edges and all but 1 weren’t useable as gifts. (and that 1 was iffy).
The next set of randoms had some small bends in the bodys and on the edges.
This time the randoms, bent edges.
The posters I paid full price for are for lack of a nice word, screwed.
Whoever rolled them was pulling the poster towards them into a tight roll, making sure to bend the paper over and over and over, and of course the edges have bends.

I’m done.

Not gonna bother to write support, last time it took 3 tries before they got around to discussing the posters because I had multiple open tickets across several orders.

I don’t have huge open spaces to lay these out and try to fix them, I’m not going to try and cut straight lines to make them nice. I shouldn’t have to do anything beyond give the gifts I purchased, but yeah…

Perhaps the packing of these needs to be reconsidered before offering them again, because that is where they are getting damaged. Its depressing to get an undamaged tube, open it and see all of the edges bent. Maybe wider tubes for larger orders, I dunno. What I do know is I am an unhappy customer who gave y’all multiple chances and I’ve been letdown each time.

The three I got were all from the PLUS offer, FYI.