Shirt.Woot Reckoning Sale: All Shirts 20% Off

just in time for summer

Awesome! I need to go to lunch right now anyway.

Break time for an hour!

Time to get some work done. thanks woot for the break to work. :frowning:

shirt woot!!!

heck yeah!!!

no, NO, NOOOOO!!!
I go to shirt.woot for shirts!

I ordered 3 shirts earlier this morning, and NOW they’re on sale 20% off? I want my money back.

nap time

You must be KIDDING me.

4 minutes ago I just BOUGHT a reckoned shirt. ARGGGH.

3 dollars. I want my 3 dollars!

what the fuck, where is my todds seasoning ?

Aw, Man!!! I just bought 2 shirts this morning! Can I get a $6 coupon, Woot?

I’m not seeing the 20% off… still $15 in my cart.

Well, time to go do something else for an hour.

What an awesome sale. One person got a $12 shirt.

I’ve been at work for a couple hours and I’ve accomplished NADA!

That was fast


Umm, discount not showing

what???..way too fast.