Shirt.Woot Reckoning Sale: Holiday Gift Guide

awwwwww. now i has a sad.

why is woot wooting lol Shirt Woots lol? Aren’t they suppose to be on

Are these shirts long enough to cover my pistachios?

Hmm…not really a sale when those are the normal prices. Woot trying to be tricky again. I’m not falling for it!

i gotta say… normally i hate when people say this, but in this case, its true… this is the worst wootoff ever… think im done with woot… has been declining for past few yrs


Another Shirt reckoning…really

Sweet!! Shirts $3 more expensive than yesterday!!

So we’ve got an hour of this, right? So I can go out an pick up a 40?

arg!!! Time for the woot staffers to go to lunch…and the rest of us to take a nap for an hour

No mention of this being for one hour only? Is teh woot off ova?

Ugh. Not again. This woot sucks. Give me a bag of crap and send me to bed.

Nope, it will be between 4:30 and 6:15 Eastern time…usually right in time to miss it on my drive home.

hmmmm is this the bag of shirt? er… no… that’s not right is it?

This is the same sale they offered by email a few days ago. At least make them $12 and actually put them on sale.

They did this for xmas but not for Halloween? I seriously wanted zombie candycorn action:

Man up and buy something and quit stalking the BOC…

This woot makes no sense, you can buy these shirts for the same price without it being part of the woot-off. Oh well…

L A M E!!!