Shirt.Woot Reckoning Sale: Holiday Gift Guide

uggg these are being sold till next week.

this woot off sucks…

bring on the bag of crap

I like em, dont get me wrong
but for $15 i can find 2-4 of these xmas themed shirts at value village or the like

i like the coffee meter, but for such a small graphic $15? no thanks

Man, for a moment I hoped they were doing other holidays and this one would be available. My girlfriend kicks herself regularly for not getting it:

This is the normal price that these ancient (and mostly bad) shirts have been listed at for several days.

The worst are the self-referential ones…seriously, “Xmas is Ribs”?

Total woots: 1

This wootoff seems like it’s headed towards the 3-day variety.

Except I work grave and sleep from 2pm-10pm PST.

i r vampire.

I got this for who is now my ex g/f. she loves it. im surprised it didnt stay for a bit

their was another wizard of oz one that i wanted i was away on vacation and couldnt get it

I have no cats.

Get this shirt and you’ll have carrots to spare.

Yes, yes it does. I fail to see why a terrible actor is somehow treated like a geek king when he designs a bad shirt, but whatever.

Yesterday these tee’s they were $12 now $15.
I think WOOT has lost touch with there loyal costomers. I remember when there were good deals here, but for the average joe like me. and im sure i’m not alone here. I can’t afford to pay $250 for 1 speaker. please bring back the old woot that everybody loved. I always come here and looked for deals, in 2 day I haven’t seen one thing that I wanted sorry WOOT. not worth my time here anymore.

Why, oh why, is there always the “Worst” posting? It’s like Heinz - anticipation is part of what makes it great!


This woot off is pure abuse.

Just as I thought, it’s back.

We interrupt your woot-off for this sponsored message from our friends over at shirt.woot…

BOC is next. How do I know?

Shirts and I’m heading home. Murphy says that BOC will be sold out when I walk through the door.

back again?

Thanks for the comment Dr. Cooper.