Shirt.Woot shipping fee

I played the app crap game today and won an $8 t-shirt. Cool. But when I bought it, I was charged the $6 standard shipping fee. The other times in the past that I’ve won the $8 shirt I was not charged a shipping fee. I do not have Prime on this account. I read the shirt woot FAQs and it states that standard shipping is free and express shipping is free for Prime members.

So I wrote in to customer service and Peter F says only Prime members get the shipping fee waived. And as a one time courtesy he refunded the $6.

I don’t believe I should have been charged a shipping fee in the first place according to your FAQ so my question is - did something change between July 7th and today? Because that was the last time I won the $8 shirt and I did not use prime and I was not charged shipping. Or is Peter F confused?

(I do understand that using Prime gets you free shipping on most things but I’ve always thought that shirt woot had free standard shipping all the time for everyone? Or am I confused?)


I went over and read the FAQ. It’s very clear, you are right and Peter F is mistaken I believe. But I guess we’ll get an official ruling from @ThunderThighs

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Yep, looks like it was set up incorrectly and charged shipping. I’ve sent an email to the shirt team and CS. Thank you for letting us know!