Shirt.Woot Spotlight: Fablefire

A couple of the shirts need type pictures.

That Pylon shirt has very good timing since the new Starcraft 2 expansion was just released.

Honestly the timing is off by a day. All the SC2 people have kinda disappeared from the internet to actually play the game, while Monday and for 2 hours Tuesday AM, they were bored bored bored and would have been more likely to notice it.

But, in general, yes. :slight_smile: I’m curious how well it will do.

Totally bought both Foxes and the Zelda shirt on black.

You guys really should have included all three of fablefire’s bunny shirts. They are all top notch designs.

Glad to see Fablefire get an artist spotlight. Her style is consistently fun and peppy, yet can throw that bit of off-beat/oh-man-why-oh-why-did-that-bunny-do-that-I-can’t-unsee-it" humor that everyone loves.

Congrats on the spotlight!

OK, I love my vulpa major shirt when I bought it from first day sales, but it’s kinda painful now to see it as a glow in the dark option. pout As I’m WEARING it. (no fooling)

It should have always been a g.i.t.d. Or it should have been released as a g.i.t.d like years after the initial release. So it won’t feel like I just missed buying it as it was always meant to be by less than 3 weeks. epic pout

I suppose you’re trying to tempt me into springing for the hoodie.

Thanks. I’ll let them know so they can fix it later this a.m.

i know EXACTLY what you mean - I feel the same! I bought this on first day, too, and it only arrived two days ago (international post is so slow!), and now here it is in glow in the dark! I am so tempted by the hoodie, though, as that would make up for it in my mind… I 'm just having a hard time justifying the purchase in my head - considering the cost, and I already own the original t-shirt… But it’s on shirtwoot’s super-awesome lightweight hoodies - and glow in the dark! …But I’ve bought so much from shirtwoot recently… I mean, I guess I could go without food for another week, right?..

aw, why isn’t ‘say no to scurvy’ a shirt?

Ahhh great collection! Love the new shirts too, congratulations fablefire!

Hmm… Have not decided if I like the new colour on the legend was born, but I’ll give it a shot. My original is long aged; I rarely wear it just to preserve it.

Ughhhhh, whattttttttt. I bought Vulpa when it first came out and after it arrived I thought this almost looks glow in the dark and this is THE BEST SHIRT I OWN NOW! And now it’s released as glow in the dark. Blargh.

Can someone tell me how the zip up hoodies size? I think I kinda NEED the vulpa major zip up hoodie but I’m not sure what size to order. Does it run small like the shirts? I usually end up wearing a women’s large when I buy the t-shirts.


I am the proud owner of all of FableFire’s bunny shirts. Today’s I own in every incarnation printed which happens to be my favorite and the start of my demented bunny collection.

I love the For When You Need More shirt…just wish it would have been a little more Protoss-ey. Something like Krazy Khaydarin’s or something along those lines :slight_smile:

it is.

This was discussed at length. Crazy Dave isn’t an official distributor. It’s kind of shady dealings so he wouldn’t use his real name. He salvages pylons from destroyed Toss armies and resells them at rock bottom prices. The Protoss don’t look kindly on folks turning a profit on their dead. However, when the Zerg are knocking at your door and you need more pylons, but don’t have enough minerals… Crazy Dave’s got you covered, whether you like him or not.

Some folks speculate that he’s actually a Terran scavenger, but no one has ever seen Crazy Dave.

Thanks everyone! And big thanks to Woot and Travis for working with me on the sale. I can’t wait to see these in the mail. :smiley:

For a sort-of reference, I wear a WL or MM shirt (I like the longer men’s fit), and for a regular zip-up hoodie, a medium is perfect. The fit is not too baggy, but loose enough to be quite comfortable over other clothing. I’m not too sure how the LW hoodie compares to that size though.