Shirt.Woot Spotlight: Robbie Lee

Robbie Lee! Need I say more?!?

Excellent artist spotlight here. I have to say that Robbie Lee is one of my top three favorite designers of all time. I own a few of these shirts, and when I get paid again on Thursday, I’ll be adding to my collection.

Although, I have to say I would have loved to have seen “The Cycle of Life” (I think that’s the water cycle one) printed again, maybe on a tote or a LW hoodie. I always refer to that design as my “happy mood” shirt because I can’t help but feel good when I see and wear it.

Damnit, Woot! I can’t wear anvil shirts, but I adore the Haunted Robot collab.

Maybe I’ll buy one, then hang onto it until I develop the abilty to transfer my consciousness into a kickass android body that fits the shirt? [sigh]

There’s always the framing it option…


This is COLOSSAL! I am so finally getting a lightweight hoodie. (It’ll match my other two regular tees and the long sleeve tee, all Tin: Old Skool!) (But that doesn’t necessarily mean I am obsessed with that design…does it?)

Congrats Robbie! This is the first artist spotlight, right? Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy!

Awesome!!! When my friend Claude pointed me to woot to get a good deal on a roomba four years ago and I subsequently discovered shirt.woot, I never thought it would lead to anything like this. Huge thanks to the shirt.woot community for all the support over the years, and of course to shirt.woot for the honor of thinking of me for this sale.


^^ QP

this is the best sale ever and

oh god, my wallet

This is great! Congrats Robbie!

Excellent choice woot!

I foresee myself buying at least one of these (that obese unicorn is so tempting, haha).

Have two Robbie Lee’s at home. Definitely one of the all-time shirt.woot greats. I like that we can say this now. Like how The Beatles were one of the all-time great artists, Woot’s got five years under its belts, and we can all drink brandy out of snifters and discuss who The Greats were/are.

I would’ve bought squeeze if it was on a hoodie. I think it was in the past and I missed it =( I just really don’t need any more loose t-shirts.

Fabulous! I had to get The Night Shift for my uncle who is a night airplane mechanic. He has an awesome sense of humor and will totally love it. I don’t feel as though I’ve put in enough night shifts to deserve it :confused:

Does this mean we might eventually have a ramyb.shirt.woot?


That statement is redundant. And I LIKE ramyb designs.

Less ramyb talk, more Robbie Lee talk! :wink:

Yay robots!

I loved fat unicorn, and so did my wife, and I recall Robbie trying to start something with a fat cowboy horse or something similar. I loved the idea of making the fat equine some sort of running gag (fat pegasus! fat clydesdale! fat shetland!), and I’m disappointed it didn’t make it.

Also: robots. Squeeze is such an awesome shirt, and one of my son’s favorite woots.