Shirt.Woot Spotlight: Robbie Lee

Congratulations, Robbie Lee! You deserve this spotlight!! Too bad this is a few months too late for me to be able to purchase anything. This would have been a budget buster before “the switch!”

Yaaaay! Gonna pick me up a few more Robbie Lees!

Congrats, Robbie, on the spotlight :slight_smile: It’s so deserved!

Is that a woot bag design on a shirt for the first time?


//runs off to buy things.

eta: HAHA! Score 1 Robby/Edgar slash shirt. :omg:

Congratulations! I’m so glad that woot did this, because this gives those of us who were a little late in finding woot (and woot’s talented artists) an opportunity to purchase some of their earlier designs and support them even more. Robbie, you have some amazing designs and I’m glad that woot has given you this great opportunity! Congrats. :slight_smile:

Like I said in the odd shirt out thread, so much want this week! Why are the two best side sales yet happening in the same week! I’m already in danger of having to move out to the shed with my tshirts.

The shirts will keep you warm. :slight_smile:

Rats! I would’ve bought multiples of the Spring-ATRON R.E.S.U.B., if it was offered. My son loved that shirt, but got bleach on it. That design was great, esp. on the light blue.

Sure you don’t want to expand the choices in this Spotlight, Woot? Please? :smiley:

Brain overloading from awesomeness… >@_@<

Fantastic choice, woot! Robbie, so good to see you getting the spotlight for the week!

I know this is a bit irrelevant, but what do those Japanese words translate to? :slight_smile:

hmmm i wonder how well “An Eager Robot” will die to a gray color??? i really really hate white shirts but i really like that design plus its a woot shirt making a woot reference… we never see that he he

also really like “you mean 10?” hmmm

Do you offer a bundle deal for ALL OF THEM?

One of my favorite artists! A lot of the designs would be awesome on posters.

Yee! Congrats on the spotlight! Tofu’s one of my personal faves, even though it’s not a part of the sale :smiley:

Might just have to get a replacement Fat Unicorn, mine mysteriously got a couple holes in it (whether from the lab or from the unicorn, I’ll never know…) and maybe Squeeze since I stupidly convinced myself not to get it when it first printed.

… and maybe all the other robot shirts too /headdesk

The Sleep of Reason is insane, I must get it. It’s some Mario meets Edgar Allen Poe madness or something.
You Mean 10, showed that one to a networking friend of mine and he had to get it. All great designs.

All I have to say is


I bought one in a different design expecting a hoodie that was on the lighter weight size.

Silly me…

The hoodie was basically see through and the fit was EXTREMELY snug. The material reminded me of a well loved t-shirt - one wash before it ends up in either the dust rag bin or the trash. I expected much better for $35. I won’t make that mistake again.

Actually it’s Mario mashed up with an etching by Goya! It’s called The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters:

Congrats, Robbie! I was so happy to see this spotlight, and not because I get to say “I knew him before he was famous”. This is so well deserved, and just proves that all those crazy hours putting these designs together were worth it. Shirt.woot is a good place today.

i gotta ask… whats the binary say in “you mean 10?”