Shirt.Woot Spotlight: tgentry

Wait, who is this tgentry person? Do I know him?

I’m not wanting to spend money, but the apron is calling me!!!

♫♫ bpr2 buy me! ♫♫

Over-Encumbered bag needs to be and back pack… plz or Satchel that would be awesome lol

Like the Sun Wukong remix.

I already have Sun Wukong, but would love to have it with long sleeves! Please?

:slight_smile: awww, that’s cute :slight_smile:

Love suburban blitzkrieg. I’m in.

ahhhh very nice. I’ve been itching to pick up Crazy Straw for a very long time.

Yes please! A backpack, satchel or hoodie would great. After all, some of us carry our burdens/ encumbrances in different places.

Nanonauts is one of my all the time favorites!

Amazing Tgentry selection!

I am near certain Sun Wukong was the first thing I ever bought from woot. I am loving the remix… wish it was on a zip-up hoodie with the writing on the front and the image on the back… Might have to grab the nanonaut one!

The Sun Wukong shirt is one of my all-time favorites. The remix is tempting…

Monkey Play was my first Woot purchase. In long sleeves? Yes, please!

I really wish the tote bags were bigger. The “Overencumbered” tote is calling me, but I know I would never use it since it is so small.

The original is better! The remix makes me feel like I switched my color tv for a black & white one. If you like shades of gray, then go for it. It still is a great design.
original sun wukong the monkey king

Excellent choice for a tgentry artist spotlight, tgentry.

Disclaimer: Has at least 13 tgentry designs in the collection.

Hm… Do I want the Nanonauts hoodie even though I already have the tee in AA and Anvil, and the lightweight hoodie?

(The answer is yes. Always yes.)

Congrats on the spotlight! Well-deserved :slight_smile:

1985 B.C. was my very first woot purchase and got me hooked on t-shirts. I’m with Kevin, I regretted not buying Crazy Straw when it printed so I’ll be sure to pick one up now! Great side sale, Travis!