Shirt.Woot University





Why are there two different “type pictures” for the zip-ups?


Some are lightweight. Others are regular… uhm, weight.


thunderthighs answered faster so I’ll edit mine. I like the forest green hoodie idea…put more designs on them, please and thank you.


Awww, now I see the LW in the title. Silly me. Off to bed I go!


I already bought most of these, and now they have them in my school’s colors! Grrrr


Oooh, zip totes. Me likey. Hope they return in other Woot+. (Just not feeling the university theme.)


Zippered totes appear to be an Augusta Sportswear #611.


I would totally get the gold-on-black Procrastination shirt, except I already bought the original. Having that in my school colors would have been awesome, though.


Oh, Woot! When I saw the name of this Plus Sale, I was hopeful my wish for a zip-up hoodie of Procrastination University would finally come true. Why, oh why, is it only available as a lightweight one??? You continue to procrastinate about making a regular zip-up hoodie. But procrastinators like me are patient. I shall continue to wait and hope… and hang on to my funds.


DO I win a prize for discovering the error in one of the shirts? The green procrastination shirt has the image for apathy…



Question about the Online Debate pullover hoodie: I have that design in a tshirt (the only one I’ve bought myself since the blank change, so pat yourself on the back, odysseyroc), and it does NOT have a weathered-look square surrounding the text.

The individual image of the pullover looks fine, too, but the “group shot” for this sale appears funky.

I’m just looking for someone to confirm that there will not be a visible rectangle of weathering as seen in the “group shot”, before I pull the trigger. Thanks!!


Universitus Wikipedius would look so much better in blue. I have really been wanting a blue zip up. Maybe one day =|


Nice catch. I’m wondering about that too now. Seems like it could just be a photoshop error, but would be nice to have clarity.


Looks like we had a goof in setting up the banner graphics, but they’ll be using the same screens they used for the original tee. They should be the same. I’ll see about getting the image fixed.


sigh I have been waiting to get in a hoodie for a while, and I will now resume my wallowing in utter disappointment.


Sweeeeeeet, I can replace my ruined ZombieU tshirt. Washed it with a new red tshirt and now my ZombieU has pink blotches. Naturally it was the only item ruined.
Ordered the zip hoodie instead. I have too many freaking tshirts.


What’s up with the sizes? Are FAT guys not allowed in these “universities”? The hoodies are only up to 2X.


Look at the sizing chart - the hoodies are “standard sized” versus the shirts which are cut a bit slimmer. I size down when I’ve ordered hoodies.