Shirt.Woot's End Of Year Random Clearance

When did Woot start offering socks?

A little more information please? Are these ankle, calf, knee, or thigh highs? Hmm, I suppose that would depend on how tall the customer is.

I think it would be cool to have a shirt with a blurry yellow question mark. And only the “cool kids” would understand where it’s coming from!

In case you are in the market for more random stuff, check out this other sale

$7 per pair of socks? lol and they’re random. no thanks

For those of you who are interested in the socks. I believe these are the 3 they have offered:

Ugly Sweater Socks
Power Level Socks
Foot Doctor Socks

Hmmmm, I wonder if it is SO random that you will get two different socks, or if the socks will match each other.

Well, this one socks.

I believe if you order 3, they should all be different so you’ll get one pair of each. In the past, I ordered 3 Random Mugs, and got 3 Snowman Mugs. I contacted support, and they issued me a refund on 2 of them since they should have all been different.

Thanks, that gives me some idea as what to expect.

I just got my random posters. The post said they would be 16" x 20", but they are 18" x 24".

I’m sorry we didn’t catch that initially, the issue was probably that we changed poster prints recently and our last random poster sale was the older, 16" x 20" size, this one should have been:

18” x 24” (Printed Area is 17” x 23”)
8mil lustre PDQ/Siena paper with 8 Color Ultrachrome Epson inks (8mil is equivalent to about 90# cover stock)

If you have issues with the posters you received, email into and they can try assisting you there.

I was also surprised (happily) by the bigger size of the posters! Of course, I got one of the only poster I’ve bought via woot, but that’s OK, now I have one for home and office! :slight_smile:

Unhappily, they came a little manhandled at the top (looks like it took a bit of force to start rolling them up???) - anyone have any suggestions on flattening them out? Luckily they aren’t fully creased.

Designs received: Shoot First, Code Monkey Banner and Pi. Very geektastic!

My posters were also bent at the top edge on the inside of the roll. No damage, and they all looked just fine once I framed them. I am just glad I didn’t buy the frames prior to receiving the order, because of the size discrepancy.

I got the Shoot First, Pi, and Code of Arms designs.

Thanks!! That makes me feel quite a bit better about them. :smiley: