I know I ask for it every time, but please please please put Two Is Better on a Zip-up! I’d buy 3.

Wow, five sales on the Fall Fox Fun hoodie already. Nice. Six after I put in mine, trying to decide what size I’m supposed to get.

Assuming hoodies haven’t changed since the original printing of Foxfall on a Pullover, it’s looking like the correct size is Large for me. The Medium is somewhat choking and the sleeves are too short. The Larges are baggy, but it’s much more comfortable, and who needs a form-fitting hoodie anyway? XD

Besides, I officially have ‘really long arms’ according to my roommate, my doctor, and my physical therapist. So it’s to be expected. :wink:

(This doesn’t ‘make up for’ the sizing thing, but… thanks Woot, for making this one into a hoodie. It’s my first Fablefire Fox Hoodie, which is something I’ve wanted for a while. And WatFS wasn’t going to cut it.)

What no huddle on a sweatshirt? Pure disappointment doesn’t even have to be a hoodie just a sweatshirt of any kind.


“cool breeze” when it first printed was my first woot shirt ever :slight_smile: <3

Would someone really get “Just here for the beer” for their kiddo? Why is this offered in child sizes?

I wish you’d put Rake Break on a zip hoodie!

I’m curious if these are fleece hoodies or jersey? Can’t tell from the 50/50 cotton/polyester description. I’ve got the marshmallow dragon zip-up and didn’t see the jersey description when ordering, so I was surprised to get a thin t-shirt type zip-up hoodie. I like it still, but if I’m getting a pullover, I want a nice cozy one. :smiley:

“Pullovers” are thick, definitely. These Zip-ups are pretty much the same thickness. Using Playful Foxes as a reference for this answer.

OK, so, it’s October. It’s chilly. Where are the LONG SLEEVES!??!?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would LOVE some long sleeve shirts, but ONLY if they are from the same supplier as the previous long sleeve shirts. Long sleeve shirts from the same folks who make the short sleeve shirts would be disappointing.

Its October and California still has 90 degree weather :frowning:

I think if I buy this, I’ll never get a chance to wear it till January if I’m lucky.

I have the Zombeer pullover hoodie in size Small. Never worn or washed… Anyone want to buy/take it off my hands? :slight_smile: