Shirts about (recently) deceased celebrities

Just my opinion, but I don’t think woot needs to be profiting off of recently deceased celebrities.

I balked a little when I saw the shirts that came out today in the side sale. It does seem a little like it could be a money grab.

But then I remembered that the shirts are made by artists that are not Woot employees. Is it likely that the recent deaths might bump sales? Probably. But that happens when any beloved celebrity passes. I bet the Leia shirts blew up for a while after Carrie Fisher died, even without the help of a side sale.

Do I like that it’s in a current side sale? It feels a little icky but it’s a pop culture side sale and unfortunately these deaths are something people are talking about right now.

I am not linking this comment to any specific designs as I don’t want to accuse anyone of poor taste or doing anything wrong. To your comment, woot chose all of the designs to put in the recent sales, and, in my opinion, should not print designs referencing recently deceased celebrities.