Shirts Missing from Catalog Continued

**Has a design gone missing from the catalog?
Did a sale end and your design is sold out and has not moved to the catalog yet?

Post em here and we can see if we can help**

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Are you wanting us to put new requests here?

Missing from my catalog


Yes, new request here. Both of these look to be back in the catalog!


One missing from my artist catalog. Thanks in advance :metal:

It has returned to the catalog!

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2 of my designs are missing:

Thank you <3

Both of these are showing up again!

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thank you <3

Just one missing:

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Not mine, but have a nephew asking me to send him this one:
This one disappeared after an artist-specific sale, so there might be others by this same artist?

@cbrumfie a couple of wayward souls. Thanks!

This one is back!

Thank you for letting us know about this one. I will take care of it!

Both of these are back!

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Hi. I missed yesterday’s (9/1/20) SCIENCE tshirt. Will it return for purchase? Like it but procrastinated!
Thanks in advance. Good shirt.

It will be back, keep an eye on the top 20.

Thanks. PS. I bought three of you Science like magic but real shirts. Gave them away. Even the one I wore to get car serviced. The advisor loved it. So I went home, washed & pressed and returned to give her the shirt off my back! :grinning:

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These are both now in the catalog!

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is down again =(