Shirts Missing from Catalog Continued

Couldn’t find this classic in the catalog with common search words; I had to go the old fashioned way – by memory.

These ones are gone

These are all showing up in the catalog!

This one is being a little tricky. I will continue working on it and update some images while I’m at it.

missing quite a few :S

there is more but here is a start :S (p.s sorry)

@cbrumfie a few new stragglers. Thanks!

Thanks for taking care of it.

This guy seems to be missing from my catalog. Thank you!

Got a few new ones missing in action at the moment…many thanks in advance for the fast fixes. You are appreciated.

The links:
Captain Snoopy: Captain Snoopy
Join Today: Join Today
The Wolveross:
Bernie’s Aura: Bernie's Aura

Please round up these strays…

Missing from Woot and my catalog:

Missing from my catalog:


Ahoy, there!

These shirts are missing from both Woot! and my catalog through they are available via direct link:

French Press Surrender to Flavor?
Grammar Socialist?

Thank you,

Edit: thanks for the update!

The following designs are missing:


I guess it has been a month and a half so I have a few missing. Most are just missing from my catalog, but a few are listed as “sold out” as well. Thanks.

Just to let everyone know, I have not posted fixed posts for the past few posts. I am working on them and will post updates shortly.


This design does not appear in the catalog, and if I click on my artist name, it doesn’t appear as one of my designs.

Looks like these three are still missing, though Captain Snoopy showed back up.
No rush…just letting you know.

Hello – missing this one Jedi Division thanks :slight_smile:

Adding a few more to my previous list. Thanks @cbrumfie!

Missing from both my catalog and the Woot catalog: Loch Ness Cycling Club?

Thanks for your tireless efforts!

A few popped in there, but a few more are on the loose. Reward if found*

*your reward is my gratitude.