Shirts Missing from Catalog Continued

It’s back again, hopefully this time it is a good boy and stays.

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My designs missing in action:

Many thanks in advance for your help!

All Back!

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Thank you! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

This one appeared in my catalog a few days after its debut sale ended but has gone missing again:

I have these three missing:

thanks in advance!

This design is back in the catalog!

These 3 are showing up again!

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Missing from my catalog. Please fix. Thank you.

Back in the catalog!

This one went dark with the rebellion

The rebels are back in action.

Hi, this one is missing and marked as sold out since the sidesale ends a few days ago:


This design has been moved over to the catalog!

This shirt is missing from my catalog…

This design is back and in the catalog!

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These ones have escaped

Thanks for the fast retaliation.

What about missing sales? One of my designs’ sales tracker is busted and shows zero sales. The problem is that when I sort by best selling, it shows up last. Which I think is limiting it’s exposure as it’s still in the top 20. Any way that can be fixed? Thanks man!

All 4 of these are back!