Shirts Missing from Catalog Continued

Jabba’s Gym is now showing in the catalog!

Thank you very much! :heart:

Thank you!!!

Looks like I’ve been collecting a few!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

All 4 of these designs are showing up in the catalog now!

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Thanks so much <3

I check occasionally so that I don’t fall behind on missing designs, but just now I checked and…

Not a single design was missing!

Just wanted to point it out when things are going RIGHT instead of only when they’re going wrong.
Thanks @cbrumfie for all the hard work!

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Latest batch for me… thanks! @cbrumfie

Sorry for this @cbrumfie

I got tired of searching.

Also, when I click on “Browse By Color” in the catalog, it says that I don’t have any: Heather Grey, Slate, Pink shirts. This was fixed but it broke again after a few weeks.


Success Baby and In It For The Memes Should be sent to the catalog soon. I will keep an eye on them. Everything else is back showing up in the catalog!

Thanks for the amazingly quick response!

So…Lets get started eh.

Radiating Positivity I am still working on getting showing again. I think I may have it solved but have to give the catalog a few (or many) minutes to catch up.

MEME WARNING should be in the catalog soon. The MEME derby as a whole is being worked on.

Everything else looks to be back in the catalog!

Now, as for the colors. This is something I may have to get some help in figuring out. As for Heather Grey, our site spells grey with an “A”. We have been trying to get it fixed for a very long time now, but if you modify the search in the url like so: Shirt.Woot Catalog
You have 58 designs popping up.

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Thank you! I will go through more launch emails to see if there’s any more missing but it seems to have been mostly newer designs

@cbrumfie found one more, thanks!

This design is show again in the catalog!

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This design is back in the catalog!

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@cbrumfie this one too: Critical Danger

It’s Back!

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Just one new missing shirt:
BMI Index
Thank you!