Shirts Missing from Catalog Continued

Got a few MIA…

Run D&D: RUN D&D

Bernie’s Aura: Bernie's Aura

I can’t find Simic’s “shooting star”. I want to order one shirt please! I could even be coerced to buy this as a matching mug if it were offered; my youngest is going to love this design.

Hi there, a few of my shirty guys have gone missing:
Vintage Clan of Two (yep, again)
Lucky Child
Opposite of a Red Shirt
Captain Pi-card

Thank you very much!

I am still working on Sloth 5K and Socially Awkward, but the others are showing in the catalog!

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Run D&D is back in the catalog, I am looking into the other to see why that hasn’t moved over yet!

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This one is showing up in the catalog, you can find it here: Shooting Star

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All 4 of these are showing in the catalog!

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Hi! I have a few missing:
Lost Memories (This one is also marked as sold out, the sidesale ends a week ago)

Thanks in advance!

All of these designs are now showing in the catalog!

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A few not showing up in my catalog…

These designs are showing in the catalog again!

I missed “who lover” shirt in the woot off. I couldn’t find it on a search of the catalog. I am curious on what it looks like.

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Couldn’t find this classic in the catalog with common search words; I had to go the old fashioned way – by memory.

These ones are gone

These are all showing up in the catalog!

This one is being a little tricky. I will continue working on it and update some images while I’m at it.

missing quite a few :S

there is more but here is a start :S (p.s sorry)

@cbrumfie a few new stragglers. Thanks!

Thanks for taking care of it.

This guy seems to be missing from my catalog. Thank you!