Shirts Missing from Catalog Continued

Hey there @cbrumfie. Not sure if my other posts got lost in the shuffle, but here are the shirts currently missing from my catalog:

Any chance you can look into this soon? I’ve been waiting a while :slight_smile:

Thanks for the others, here are some 20 or so more aha :smile:

Hey Steve, These are not getting lost, my tricks are just not working for a good portion of designs. That does not mean I forget about them and move on. I keep a list of every design having problems and I action them regularly. This is an issue we are working on.


69 missing shirts… Thanks in advance! (sorry for all the work!)Poke Ace
The Great Pit of Carkoon
Through Hardships to the Stars
Unladen Swallow Parcel Service
Episode Four Flying Ace Heather Remix
Sir Bedevere's Science Camp Remix
Vintage Odds
Periodically Heroic Remix
Always Let the Wookiee Eat
Hello Sylvie
Teem Homophone
Tabletop Gaming Society
Life and a Lack of Polio
Retro Rebellion
Vintage Classic Gamer
Vintage Time and Space
Coffee is the Way
We Have Porridge
Go Boldly Vintage
Retro Space Dude
The Future is Back
I Am A Leaf On The Wind...
Martian Navy
Driven from Time to Time
The Pluto Preservation Society
Symbol of Rebellion
I Think I Know Things
Fourth of Sci-Fi
Scruffy Smugglers and Pirates
A Very Hangry Caterpillar
Shell Yeah
The God of Mischief
Vintage Mando
These Are Not the Droids
The Killer Beagle of Caerbannog
Grateful for Diversity
Vintage Rebel Camp
Episode Four Flying Ace Remix
The Camelot Trail
Happy F'in Birthday Timmy!
The Jerk Store
Not a Safe Space
Last Meeting of the Dinosaur Literary Club
The Skellingtons
A Moment of Science
Vintage Dude
Scruffy and Chaotic Good
Rolling a One
The Father We Deserve

Thank you! I do appreciate the work you are putting into it. I think there are one or two more on there than on my previous posts, though, so please add them to your ever-growing list!

Hello! Can you please add my “School of Magic” design to my catalog?

Thank you!!!

@Jasneko’s “inspired by real life” catshirt isn’t coming up in the catalog.

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@acraigl’s catshirt is also missing from the CATalog.

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hi, this is available? because not showed in my catalog

hi this is too,

Thanks @Narfcake
I’m actually missing a bunch, but with my recent move, I haven’t had the energy to go back and figure out which ones. Or design much for that matter. :frowning: Soon for both, I hope!

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Thanks for pointing this out!
Looks like it is still not showing up there.

Can you please add these design tags?:

Computer, pandemic, quarantine
Beware of Cats During Video Meetings

Pandemic, covid, corona, quarantine
You Are Standing Too Close To Me
Science - fun, scary and real
Don't Stand So Close to Me
Cat Needs Alone Time
My Cat Is Tired of Me
This Too Shall Pass (I Hope)

pandemic, covid, corona
My Days Are Pretty Similar Right Now

pandemic, quarantine
Staycation - The New Normal


Hi! Just a few missing:

This current remix isn’t showing up in my catalog. Another remix in a side sale is showing up. Thanks for your help!

This one now shows up as “Sold Out” —


This one seems to be missing:

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It looks like five recent disappearing acts:

  1. My Emotional Support Beverage
  2. Happiness Is Living In A Van Down By The River
  3. Happiness Is Living In A Van Down By The River Remix
  4. A Wise Doctor Once Wrote
  5. Walley World

Thank you!

My current side sale shirt is not showing up in my catalog.

Thanks for your help!

This guy is missing from my catalog. Again. Thanks for helping him find his way home.