Shirts Missing from Catalog

Thanks! Now I can (hopefully) receive your lovely shirt!

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I am super new at this, but when I search my username (pgallastegui), or the name of the only t-shirt I’ve had printed (the child is in) the search comes up empty. Here’s the shirt:

Just one missing when you have a minute:
Thank you!

I bought these shirts and now I can’t find them when I browse/search the catalog.

This design is showing back up!

The shirt is now in, and showing up again in the catalog.

This one looks to be back in the catalog!

I lost 2 soldiers

This has been moved to the catalog!


These 2 have returned home and are showing up again in the catalog.


This one is missing cuz is Sold Out… again =(

Since we started adding non apparel products to the dailies, they no longer automatically flow into the top 20. It is now a manual process that can take a few days to completed. Don’t worry, it will be in the top 20 soon.

This guy is sold out/not in my catalog. Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks again!!!

This one is lost in time and space

This shirt seems to have escaped my catalogue after a recent side sale.


My new beachball of death shirt was in my catalog for a minute, but it’s gone again. And nothing comes up when I search “beachball” -

The catalog has spoken and the design is back!

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It is back again!