Shirts Missing from Catalog

This design is showing back up!

The shirt is now in, and showing up again in the catalog.

This one looks to be back in the catalog!

I lost 2 soldiers

This has been moved to the catalog!


These 2 have returned home and are showing up again in the catalog.


This one is missing cuz is Sold Out… again =(

Since we started adding non apparel products to the dailies, they no longer automatically flow into the top 20. It is now a manual process that can take a few days to completed. Don’t worry, it will be in the top 20 soon.

This guy is sold out/not in my catalog. Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks again!!!

This one is lost in time and space

This shirt seems to have escaped my catalogue after a recent side sale.


My new beachball of death shirt was in my catalog for a minute, but it’s gone again. And nothing comes up when I search “beachball” -

The catalog has spoken and the design is back!

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It is back again!

This one has been found!

The Doctor has return this design to the catalog!

@cbrumfie, when you have a moment. Thanks!

Woo woo! Thank you!