Shirts Missing from Catalog

This guy is sold out/not in my catalog. Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks again!!!

This one is lost in time and space

This shirt seems to have escaped my catalogue after a recent side sale.


My new beachball of death shirt was in my catalog for a minute, but it’s gone again. And nothing comes up when I search “beachball” -

The catalog has spoken and the design is back!

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It is back again!

This one has been found!

The Doctor has return this design to the catalog!

@cbrumfie, when you have a moment. Thanks!

Woo woo! Thank you!

Looks to be back.

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Doesn’t seem to be linking to my catalog even though it has the right artist name. Please fix it. Thank you.

Should be showing up correctly now.

I have some missing from the catalog and some disappeared from existence. There are probably more, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Missing from my catalog:

Sold out:

Same title as another artist’s design. Mine is missing: (redirects to

One disappeared after a recent side-sale

It looks that it is back in the general catalog but not listed on mine.Time and space travel can be tricky.Or perhaps i am not in the right time line;)))

The ones missing from your catalog should be showing back up now.
Since 1776 I was able to get into the catalog. The other two I am looking into.
The offers with the same title, I am trying to fix now.

This is showing up again.

It is showing up again, for now. Let me know if it walks off again.