Shirts Missing from Catalog


Two shirts missing from my catalog for a little over a week:

Thank you!


Sorry about this - it’s been corrected!


More of mine: (prolly not added back in yet)




New week, new missing shirts. Please add the following, kind woot staffers!




My “HalloCUTE” shirt has been missing from my catalog since the Halloween sale, and it’s not available on the site, either (it was printed but it’s nowhere to be found). Here’s what it looks like:

I would be very grateful if the ever benevolent Woot monkey gods could fix this.


You are good to go now. Thank you, shirt team.


Is there anyway to combine the shirts under my name with the shirts under my username?
Luke Stiner and stiluk35



Fixed! :slight_smile:


A few news ones have gone astray. Thanks!


One of mine missing since a recent side-sale:

Edit: looks like this recent side-sale design is missing as well:

Thank you!


these should be good now


should be ok now


I had an American Pi shirt back on the Pi day sale and I can’t find it on the site… Also never got a coupon code or email for it but NBD, shirt closet is busting at the seams already… But, I would like to see it in my catalog if possible. Thanks!


Hey Luke, just fixed this! We’re still having that issue with our catalog losing designs after plus sales. Sorry you didn’t get your coupon code, I’m not seeing a reason that would have happened, but definitely reach out to me if that happens again and we can investigate and get one generated by customer service for you. Thanks and apologies!


I’ve got three more that are missing.

Thanks in advance!


hey krittikae, i’ve gone in and fixed these, they should be appearing momentarily. sorry about that!


No worries, thanks!


I’ve been looking for the SNOW 2020 Shirt that was in the email the other day but can’t find it, same deal here?