Shirts Missing from Catalog

Doesn’t seem to be linking to my catalog even though it has the right artist name. Please fix it. Thank you.

Should be showing up correctly now.

I have some missing from the catalog and some disappeared from existence. There are probably more, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Missing from my catalog:

Sold out:

Same title as another artist’s design. Mine is missing: (redirects to

One disappeared after a recent side-sale

It looks that it is back in the general catalog but not listed on mine.Time and space travel can be tricky.Or perhaps i am not in the right time line;)))

The ones missing from your catalog should be showing back up now.
Since 1776 I was able to get into the catalog. The other two I am looking into.
The offers with the same title, I am trying to fix now.

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This is showing up again.

It is showing up again, for now. Let me know if it walks off again.

@cbrumfie Just noticed that this lives in the top 20, but not in my catalog. It disappeared recently because I checked the other day:

Also this one:

They are both showing up for me now.
Top 20 offers can be tricky and come and go as the please.

I’ll keep that in mind. Sorry for the false alarms. Thanks!

I have a couple strays, please and thank you.

These are all showing up again!

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I have a few strays as well! Thank you!!

Hi! I have two shirts missing from my catalog:

thank you

The Maukfather is showing up again in your catalog.
As for Hoth Walkers, That design is part of a special sale that is happening today as the main Woot Daily. Due to the way the sale had to be set up, it will not show up in your catalog today. Give it a few says and it will be there.

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Pizza Explorer is showing up again.
Select difficulty lever should be right behind it and show up soon.

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thank you so much

Thanks a lot!!!

This one seems to be gone with the wave
and this one didn’t live so long