Shirts Missing from Catalog

Yay, thanks Ben!

I have one missing since that amazing George Takei sale!

Good morning Shirt.Woot Team-

Old Eagle Eye is missing from my catalog:

And another design - Let’s Go - is missing from the site entirely. I only remembered about this from one of my own Facebook promo posts:

Please let me know when these issues have been resolved.

Thank you!

These are all missing from the catalogue. Thanks for your help.


I am working on these, apologies we’ll get them back up for sale asap.

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i want to buy this shirt.
i want it in 2 xl for wearing to my chess club. It should be available with the joker movie release. Please advise. That is all.
Best regards.

Hi there. We’re not allowed to print that one any more. Copyrights and all that. Sorry.

That particular design cannot be sold any longer because of legal aspects. :frowning:


I can’t remember what I ate two days ago, but remembering trivial aspects about shirt.woot that happened years ago? That’s important!

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Also, it’s glow in the dark and we can’t print glow in the dark right now…

Another stray missing from the LBB catalog:

Hey lunchboxbrain, I think i got this one to show up in the catalog. Let me know if there are any more problems with it.

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missing from my catalog and not coming up in search

It looks like I was able to get this one to show up again.


thank you!

Hey, Woot Staff…

This shirt is listed as sold out and didn’t make it into my catalog after the side sale:

Thanks for your help.

This design and others in the sale are now available in the catalog.



Strangely, I like to read this thread…