Shirts Missing from Catalog

@cbrumfie @Lady5tark

Festively Finish Him is missing from @RetroReview’s catalog.

(First 2 designs were missing, now only 1 is missing.)
Edit: Resolved.

Hi woot staff, these shirts seem to be missing from my catalog:


Hey, Woot Staff…

Once my ARPANET shirt dropped out of the Top 20, it seems to have disappeared out of my catalog and into the ether.

Thanks for your help.

This looks to be working now.

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The second one was featured in a separate event “Woot funhouse” (I was informed by a staff back in july) but never debuted on the site and hasn’t been added to the catalog yet.

Hi there. Talked with the shirt team. This seems to be a miss on our part. The first one is now in the catalog. The second one is slated for an upcoming sale so it will be added to the catalog after that.

Great! Thanks for sorting it out :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few rogues missing. Thanks in advance!

It looks like I was able to get these to pop back into the catalog.

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The original Wishful Thinking is not in the catalogue. I don’t have a direct link. It looks a lot like the remix, Wishful Thinking Remix - Grass and is on Kelly Green instead. I have not been paying close attention to the catalog and suspect it has been missing for some time.

@PixelPants - it’s ba-aaack! Apologies for the David Copperfield on that design…

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I’m sure there’s a ‘Nothing up my sleeve’ t-shirt joke in the making there. Thanks for reuniting making it happen.

with a massive catalog of 2 shirts, you would think I would notice when 1 goes missing.

the “catalog”, as it were:

the milk carton candidate:

also couldn’t find it when searching for “panda” or even “pandemonium”

edit: I forgot about this one:

These look to be showing up again.



Four shirts missing from my catalog, one older (H-Cat) and three newer (Halloween Medley, Dear Santa, Busy Street). Any chance of fixing it? Thanks in advance!

These are all back in your catalog!

Great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is missing from my catalog. Thanks for the help.