Shirts shipping date

All the t-shirts say that they arent shipping until july 7-8, with express shipping being July 5th.
Is it REALLY gonna take that long to get these? Some of these shirts wont even be timely by that point.

Due to everything that is happening, Woot is running in low power mode, with Shirt.Woot being one of the affected parts of Woot.

Oh no! That’s a bummer! I’ll still order anyway, since I love me some woot shirts!

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Stay safe Woot! We want you around after all this craziness is gone … maybe design some summer road trip shirts now…for delivery then?? I’m sticking to the good 'ol USA for road trips as my vacation…once this virus gets under control/contained (or whatever the correct term is for it).

SUGGESTION: It would be nice to get holiday shirts the month before a holiday…so we have ALL month to wear them before we pack them away. Something to think about please. :slight_smile:

Signed a family with probably 150+ Woot shirts.