Why don’t you guys put the actual names of the icon or acknowledge who or what the pic exactly is on the shirts? I bought a shirt with scorpion from MK. It said something like ninja or moon or spear :man_facepalming:t2:. Don’t get me wrong, love the shirt. Also bought the finish bath towel… lol thats from MK too. It says “finish him” on it. Only fans of Mortal Kombat would know what I’m talking about.

One would think litigious agents from certain companies may come after the artists so the artists put up their design names as an homage to things that appear similar but are not the IP in question. You certainly can go asks the artists themselves for clarification.

Onlyfans of MortalKombat

No one’s going to judge you on how you make your tshirt money. :wink:


Oh, you must be one of those OnlyFlans fans.

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I agree. Just wondering. Some of them are awesome.