Shocking Cell Phone


  • shocking indeed. woot.

coming to an end???

rofl at .01 it could still hold up the woot off =P

It’s like that shock “game” …lol…ummm…just why??


Ughhh! 642 of these…I’m going to bed.

is poop

Jumping Banana Phone? That’s NOT what my ex called it

Will this work with my Nokia charger?

I didn’t think it could get worse than the hippies??

I don’t think even ordering three would make the shipping worth it…

Do we have to get a battery separately?

my cell phone does that NOW - I guess I need to have it fixed

WTF Why this!!! Come on… one more BOC Woot, I know you can do it!!

“Oh, here, use my 9 year old looking cell phone…”


Seriously did woot buy out a junk shop?

bottom of the barrell…end is near

Ok, so I get the point? But, what’s the point?