Shonfeld Early Riser Coffee Gift Set

can I get a roomba please?

I only buy refurb coffee mix.

Stay awake for the rest of the WOOTOFF

oh joy

Gotta have my coffee!

Coffee or no, I don’t think I can wait
that much longer for a Bountiful Cornucopia.

Frustrated to have suffered yet another woot-off,
with no Bag of Coal to call your own?
I urge you to Kick Ass!
Make feel your pain!

Truthfully, when I saw this my immediate reaction
was to bookmark it for just such an occasion.

Finally something i wanted, and i sat on it…

wow, only 4. i simply wasn’t quick enough with the click.

Go Iowa. Buy them all.

just curious. what constitutes a “quality post?”

That cute little brown bag of stuff was on long time ago! :frowning:

Same here